SRDD Universal Security Cable Lock

SRDD Universal Security Cable Lock consists of a metal plate with 3M VHB (Very High Bond) double side tape that you can stick on to the back of any device.  The other end is a lock with a high density security cable that you can loop round any fixed object to secure the device.  Just use the key provided to lock / unlock.

Suitable for retail stores, exhibitions , trade shows, schools and any other occasions that you want to secure your devices quickly and easily.

Fits and locks all versions of iPads, iPad minis, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, all tablets, phones and any other devices that you would like to secure


SRDD Tablet Tabletop Enclosure

The SRDD tablet tabletop enclosure secures your tablet against thief and tampering while allowing users to access the application in your tablet in a public environment.

Perfect for retail, point of sales, school and countertop customer service type of usage.

Available for iPad, minis, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and many other brands and models of tablets.

                      Ipad stand2

SRDD Tablet Display Stand

The SRDD Tablet Display Stand allows users to access your application in a standing position while keeping your tablet secured inside the enclosure.  The base is made of solid cast iron, preventing the stand from topping over easily. Hollow central tube allows a charging cable to run through and connect to a power source for continuous charging.

Ideal for outside restaurant menu browsing, retail, schools and trade shows usage.

Available for iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and many other brands and models of tablets.

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