Our F&B Solutions

In food & beverage industries, whether it is a small eatery, a restaurant or a bar, operators find unnecessary overtime required for float preparation, POS and end-of-shift reconciliation. Internal thefts and discrepancies are issues often faced by the industry. Our equipments are able to reduce manpower costs and incidences of pilferage, thus increase the efficiency of operations.


Self-Ordering Kiosk

Allow customers to order food on a digital menu reduces the manpower required to service the restaurant. Improve customer satisfaction with shorter queues for ordering and payment.


Queue Management

Provision of  a visible queue management system for customers to check the status of their orders provides transparency of their waiting time and reduces customer’s frustrations.


My Cash Terminal

A self-payment kiosk with automatic verification of all notes and coins as well as calculation and dispensing of change. Significantly improves transactional accountability.


Vending Machine

Vending machines is a 24 hour retail channel for businesses. The self-service purchasing process brings maximum convenience to consumers with its availability at any time of the day.