Our Retail Solutions

In retail industries, manpower is critical to the cost of operations. By providing cash automation and improving cash handling processes, self-service payment and cash automation products help to optimise store processes and improve transaction accountability. We provide a complete range of self-service and cash handling products in the retail industry. Explore solutions which help businesses ease operations and scale up.


Vending Machine

Vending machines is a 24 hour retail channel for businesses. The self-service purchasing process brings maximum convenience to consumers with its availability at any time of the day.


My Cash Terminal

A self-payment kiosk with automatic verification of all notes and coins as well as calculation and dispensing of change. Significantly improves transactional accountability.


Self-Checkout Kiosk

Intuitive self-checkout kiosks with integrated self-service cash and digital payment facilities allow retailers to offer more checkout lanes and in turn, result in lesser queues with happier customers.


Intelligent Safe

An intelligent deposit safe checks and counts deposited money. Every transaction is recorded with high accuracy and real-time monitoring. Fingerprint and PIN identification technology enabled.